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Our goal is to share the gospel and encourage the hearts of the saints!
Philemon 4-7

How do we do this?

As a church we have committed to starting 20 churches in 20 years. The resources, people, finances, effort, and commitment that this requires is beyond words. As a team, we would like to support this goal of starting 20 churches. With each month this support looks different. For some churches we will partner with them to put on big outreaches for their community, for others we may clean their church, and for some it requires nothing more then spending time loving and encouraging their people. We are available for God to use us however He chooses. Creative ways you can be involved with your every-day life. We would love to hear if you are going on a mission trip, vacation, or even a business trip. These are great opportunities for us to encourage, support, and partner with you to send missionary efforts with you on your trip. How do we do that you ask. Well, first we would like to pray for you. Maybe there is financial support we can give to missionary trips. Possibly we know of a church in the area you are visiting that needs resources or encouragement that you can bring them. You might be visiting unsaved family members that we can send great tools to help you share the gospel while you are with them. The idea behind this is to utilize where God is already sending people and pursue missions in those locations. Contact us today to share where God is sending you!

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