Monday-Thursday 3pm-5pm & Fridays 4pm-6pm for KIDZ KLUB

Our Highland Learning Center (H.L.C) is FREE after school program serving students in elementary K-6th Grades in the Highland Apartment Complex located in Orange, CA. @ 1909 E Quincy Ave. Highland Learning Center (H.L.C) provides a quiet, structured, safe environment for students to complete their homework with the help of highly qualified instructors and mentors. H.L.C. staff and volunteers provide help and support in all school subjects.

Highland Learning Center takes place throughout the entire school year, Monday through Thursday from 3-5pm with the exception of holidays and school breaks. H.L.C. sessions begin soon after school ends to ensure that students complete their assignments without stress and anxiety. Students who finish their work before the end of the session have an opportunity to practice reading fluency, reading comprehension, practice basic math skills, or play organized educational games. H.L.C. takes the burden off families and allows the opportunity to have fun-family time every night, without stressing if homework is done or wondering if the child understood the work they completed. This program is FREE for every student who wants to be successful in school and in future endeavors.

We offer this ministry FREE of charge to all willing families.

Contact Keila Cruz (Director – Highland Learning Center) for more information.